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Diamonds - The 4 Cs


Clarity is the term used to describe the internal quality of a gem. A trained expert examines the diamond for inclusions, cracks, spots, clouds, or any other blemish or imperfection of any sort. Usually blemishes cannot be seen with the naked eye but can be detected under 10-power magnification.

Clarity Grading Levels

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) recognizes 10 grading levels for clarity. Other qualities being equal, the lower the clarity grade, the less valuable the stone.

Excessive inclusions or fractures not only make the diamond unattractive, but may weaken its strength so it is more likely to crack. However, flawless diamonds are extremely rare in nature. One expert points out that no two diamonds are alike, and that inclusions in a particular stone are like its fingerprint, identifying it among all others.

Shopping Considerations and Caveats

Buyer's Tip

When pricing diamonds, ask about gem treatments. When making a purchase, be sure to get in writing either that the gem is untreated or that it has been subjected to specifically named treatments, such as laser drilling or fracture filling.

The other 3 Cs...

Carat Weight 
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