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JEMs™ Appraisal Software

Software Overview

JEMs For Appraisers (JFA) is patented state of the art software for jewelry appraisers. It is part of a family of software products used by jewelry appraisers, underwriters, and claims personnel. With this software, the appraiser can easily prepare a thorough and professional customized appraisal based on the latest gemological standards and nomenclature.

For each type of jewelry, the program uses prompts to guide the appraiser for all necessary descriptive details, so no details are overlooked. The software stores these descriptive details, along with digital images of the jewelry and of any relevant documents, such as gem reports and warrantees. The system also provides visual aids for both evaluation and valuation.

JFA incorporates an insurance summary on the ACORD/JISO 78/79 form, which meets the highest insurance industry standards.

The software fully conforms to the exacting standards established by the insurance industry and taught by JIAI's Certified Insurance Appraiser™ program. JFA is also USPAP-compliant.



JFA is a powerful, easy to use appraisal solution for the jewelry and insurance industries.

Jewelry appraisals are plagued by several problems:

JFA addresses all three of these issues. All the details required to describe a particular type of jewelry are presented in a series of easy-to-read screens.You'll be less likely to overlook the girdle thickness or culet size when the choices are right in front of you. Any omissions will appear as obvious gaps on the standardized ACORD/JISO forms.

For each descriptive feature, JFA presents a list of valid choices. Selecting from a list is both quick (see how long it takes you to type "Hue: Very Slightly Yellowish Green") and accurate. JFA supports items with special descriptive requirements such as pearls, jadeite, alexandrite, opals and watches. If it's been a long time since you've seen Akoya pearls and you don't remember how to spell it, you won't have to dig out the manuals. It's there at your fingertips.

Digital imaging and document storage are important features of the software. You can include an unlimited number of item views, both onscreen and printed. The appraisal can also accommodate relevant documents, such as gem reports, watch warrantees and sales receipts, as well as descriptions in word processing documents and email messages.

The appraisal generated through JFA includes an insurance summary on the industry standard JISO/ACORD appraisal form, in addition to the standard narrative. All insurance companies welcome these forms, as their consistent format and uniform presentation make jewelry details easy to locate and interpret.


Computer Requirements

JFA is designed for PCs running Microsoft Windows 98, 7 and 10, and MS Sequel and Exchange Server.

JFA Benefits


Annual cost is $300.

JFA software is subsidized by JIBNA Personal Jewelry Insurance and is available only to recent graduates and refresher course attendees of the Certified Insurance Appraiser™ course.

Contact JCRS for More Information

If you are interested in JEMs™  For Appraisers software and would like more information about the Certified Insurance Appraiser™ course, contact JCRS by email: sales@jcrs.com  or by phone: 510.444-4811.